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To create international dialogue and catalyze processes in research and innovation THA invites experts to join Thematic Research Groups (TRG) which are small groups of international researchers, practitioners and policy makers joining the THA, sharing a common thematic interest/expertise, who are committed to work together at a distance for developing and delivering research, projects, publications and policy advise in the specific TH sub-domain.

The running THA TRG are:

Kazakhstan Chapter invites national experts, researchers, practitioners to join THA Thematic Research Groups and develop joint research, organize discussion groups, workshops, to prepare project designs etc. to explore the issues under THA concept at international and national levels.

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Hélice is the quarterly Magazine of the Triple Helix Association.

Hélice is produced by an Editorial Board  with the contribution and supervision of the THA President. It has been distributed to scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers, and is reaching organizations, including universities, public research organizations, as well as public administrators. Its records indicate an audience of about 2500 readers, including members and non-members of THA. Since the inaugural issue of Hélice, THA has been emphasizing an open dialogue philosophy, where we welcome feedback, comments, critiques, additions, or alternative opinions, as well as reflections on any published article. We have received much interest, as well as new ideas that could be incorporated into Hélice.

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